We’ll Make You a Networking


The simplest, fastest way to connect.

Your business card is now with you 24/7 and can be shared unlimited times.

  • Scan your QR code from the App, the Apple Wallet, or via Home Screen Wallpaper
  • Send your card via Text/Email
  • Tap your NFC card, tag, or device.

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    Build your own story brand that represents you and what makes you unique.

    •  LetsConnect guides you during the setup to create a unique story brand.
    • Brand your digital business card with a color picker to match your style guide.
    • Outdated headshot? No worries, use our innovative background remover to create a stunning headshot in seconds.

    Your referral system just received a huge upgrade.

    • Use your QR code anywhere and everywhere to generate leads anytime.
    • Your prospects have a frictionless way to share your contact information.
    • LetsConnect keeps a log of your connections so you never lose a prospects contact info ever again.

    Connecting has never been easier, or faster.

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    Yes, we do NFC physical tap cards and tags too.

    Honestly, we’ve found that the most efficient way to use the LetsConnect card is by the user-friendly QR code (a certain virus taught us all how to use them), but for those who have a practical use for the physical card, we’ve designed sleek and engaging cards to match your branding and further cross-platform your branding.

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    Do you want LetsConnect for your business?
    • Create digital business cards for your whole team
    • Control your brand experience 
    • Integrate with your existing CRM and internal directory
    • Highly secure contact sharing
    • Cut your carbon footprint effortlessly
    • Grow your network and your business with Blinq

    Frequently Asked Questions

    LetsConnect actually offers users a limited feature version of our digital business card FREE of charge. Simply download the IOS or Android app and it’s all yours! For users seeking to take their networking efforts to the next level with additional customized LetsConnect cards, we offer various membership options in both monthly and annual subscription models.
    View our Pricing Page for more.

    There are so many ways to share your LetsConnect card and users surprise us each day with new and unique ways their using their LetsConnect cards; we have a realtor who shared his LetsConnect card on a 50’ billboard. Those limited scans really came in handy.  That said, we specifically designed our product to be functionally available at the palm of your hands anytime, anywhere. We highly encourage the use of the dynamic QR code for sharing in person and the Text/Email feature for sending your contact information with prospects you meet digitally or over-the-phone. For the fastest QR sharing possible, you can add your LetsConnect to your Apple Wallet.

    Absolutely. As sales professionals ourselves, the last thing we want is someone spamming us; unsolicitedly anyways. We provide multiple layers of security ranging from “Public/Private”

    YES!!! We like the model that Apple has followed. Rarely are they first to the marketplace, but year after year their products win in the marketplace because they take the time to make sure the user experience matches the innovation of the technology. When we offer a tool to our customers, we want them to have the highest probability of success which means we test and test, then test some more to be sure. For now, we encourage expensing your digital business card or having your company put it on their expense card.

    Our Mission: Connect the Network

    We empower professionals with a tool that helps them connect easier, faster, and with personally automated follow-ups.

    Before LetsConnect, the traditional way to connect with a prospect was to hand them a paper business card (usually bent, dirty, or sweaty) or give them your phone to manually type info in. As sales professionals ourselves, we wanted to build a digital business card that was more than just a link tree of clustered information and some other brands logo above your profile pic…

    Our vision is comprehensive, but simple. We’re seeking to build an entire eco-system of products and services that work harmoniously together to seamlessly bridge the gap between meeting someone and actually connect with them. To us, we’d rather our user be the hero of their own story brand. This allows us to take the backseat and join along in the journey of your successful networking efforts.

    We believe that physical business cards still and always will have their place, but gone are the days of “ah, I don’t have a card on me” or “I’m having some updates done to my contact information.” With LetsConnect you can update, change, or delete whatever contact information you want on your LetsConnect card anytime, anywhere. You can even select between private and public mode or use multiple cards to convey the correct contact information to the correct crowd.
    Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us and we look forward to being part of your networking journey; LetsConnect.